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    The Beatty Bullfrog Mining Co. (Company) is a Nevada limited liability company (LLC) 100% owned and managed by American International Ventures, Inc. (AIVN). AIVN reclaimed the original Beatty Bullfrog Mining & Milling Co. est. 1906, in Beatty, Nevada; during the Silver State's gold rush. The Company owns a 40 acre patented mill site in Beatty with city water, power and sewer connections, plus another 880 acres of mineral estate extension claims, also connected to AIVN's 40 acre mill site; with BLM maintained road to its 100 acre mining site 2 miles away right next to the Barrick Bullfrog open pit which produced 3.3 million ounces of gold until the mine was closed in 1999 because of gold dropping to $270.00 per ounce. Since gold already hit new highs of $1900.00 per ounce, and is predicted to hit well over $2000, it's the Beatty Bullfrog Bonanza.

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